In july 2013 the Border Museum was opened with a new permanent exhibition. It displays rare objects from our archives. A short historic overview explains the border system and its developement with local focus on Kuehlungsborn. The exhibition tells the stories of escapes. Former border soldiers, volunteers and local residents describe their life and experiences at the baltic border.


Displayed is the original escape boat of family of four, Kostbade who escaped from Kuehlungsborn. Outboard engine, oars, air pump and other equipment give an authentic picture of their dangerous journey. 
A duplicate of Peter Doeblers compass who swam 45 km to Fehmarn Island contradicts the original exhibits of the border soldiers: equipment of a border patrole, id card and medal of a border volunteer,  binoculars etc..

Round tour

The exhibition begins with World War II and explains the reasons for the division of Germany, the Cold War and the local border system in Kuehlungsborn. It highlightens the military border control as well as the invisible civil border system with informants and public institutions involved. The major part of the exhibition showstages the spectacular escapes, their lifes, courage and ingeniuty. Photos, court files, original equipment and a PC terminal with videos let their stories come to life.

Children/ Youth

Children and youth are given the opportunity to discover and try out. Hands-on is encouraged. We are constantly working on creating more interactive units for children